How I started my paranormal journey.

I would sit up late at night watching those old black and white horror shows. Then I was brave enough to move onto colour.
I was always interested in ghost stories, old legends and stories from our past.

Then my nan told me a story that would put me on my journey into the paranormal
It was about a headless man that walked a country lane next to my nan's childhood home. In fact, she had seen him herself.
I had always remembered the story and a few years ago, I found, quite by chance, a newspaper cutting about a murder in the area my nan lived. I researched my nan's story and found out the true facts.

I realised that I enjoyed researching as much as an investigation.
With this in mind, every area I visit, I research and you will be surprised what information can be found.
So thanks to my nan, I lead an exciting life as a paranormal investigater.

I would like to point out that I do take this very seiously.
I am out to prove, one way or the other, IS THERE ANOTHER LIFE WHEN WE PASS or is it just our imagination.

Friday, 18 November 2011


Hankelow Hall
Nr Nantwich

31st October 2011


This Halloween, I wanted to return here. Since our last visit, things have moved around, voices and footsteps heard.. Our first visit was taken up with the legend of the George Thomas Bellyse Cooper. With the research that we carried out after our investigation, we needed to investigate this building with fresh eyes.

This investigation was not going to take all night, we were only here for a few hours but we didnt want to miss this oppunity to come back to this fantastic building
The weather was cold and windy.

We started just after 8pm with a walkround, just so we could plan our investigation and to remind us of the layout of the building. We had been joined by two other people from the house. As we walked round, we heard footsteps, voices, music, a cupboard door opening and stones were thrown by us.

We started to set up our equipment just before 9pm. Phil has brought with him a new experiment. This was sent up on the 2nd floor and faced down the corridor. This experiment was to see if a spirit walked through this corridor, the light image would change. In a way, we would be able to see the shape of the spirit. This was recorded at all times on Phil's camcorder. We left this running as we headed into the cellar.

We stood in the cellar, asking out. We thought that we heard something coming from the other part of the cellar, so I went and stood in that area on my own. As the others were asking out, I got the feeling that we were being watched but nothing happened and the feeling that I was getting could have just been my imagination due, in part to the weather. We deceided to have a sceance with the ouija board. Nothing happened.

We headed up to the 2nd floor, into the room behind our light experiment. We set up a sceance. As we were asking questions, we heard a few bangs. These bangs could have come from the windy conditions outside and we couldnt count out that the wind was causing these bangs.

We headed down to the 1st floor. It was still windy outside but the house had gone very quite.
Me and Nicola stayed in this room, Phil had gone into another room down the corridor and the two other guys had moved into the room next door to us. We heard heard a stone landing on the floor. We couldnt tell if it had fell from somewhere or it had been thrown.

We moved nearer to Phil. Me and our two brave guests stayed in one room and Nicola went into the room next door. We all heard another stone in the corridor. We started to ask out again but nothing happened.

By now, our two brave guys had left us on our own. We headed back up to the 2nd floor. We were asking ou but by now the weather was getting worse. It had started to rain and the wind was getting very bad. Any noice, by now, could not be put down to the weather and this ment that if anything moved or any noice was probably due to the weather and not spirits. We had to finish and so we stopped about 12.45am.

It had been such a shame that due to the weather, we couldnt finish the investigation. We hadnt planned to stay all night but a couple more hours would have been nice.
We did heard music, footsteps and voices. And we couldnt deciede if the stone had been thrown or just fell from perhapes the ceiling. But what was weird was the house. Even though the weather was bad outside, the inside of the house was too quite.

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