How I started my paranormal journey.

I would sit up late at night watching those old black and white horror shows. Then I was brave enough to move onto colour.
I was always interested in ghost stories, old legends and stories from our past.

Then my nan told me a story that would put me on my journey into the paranormal
It was about a headless man that walked a country lane next to my nan's childhood home. In fact, she had seen him herself.
I had always remembered the story and a few years ago, I found, quite by chance, a newspaper cutting about a murder in the area my nan lived. I researched my nan's story and found out the true facts.

I realised that I enjoyed researching as much as an investigation.
With this in mind, every area I visit, I research and you will be surprised what information can be found.
So thanks to my nan, I lead an exciting life as a paranormal investigater.

I would like to point out that I do take this very seiously.
I am out to prove, one way or the other, IS THERE ANOTHER LIFE WHEN WE PASS or is it just our imagination.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010



14th September 2008


Bradfield Green is a small settlement in the hamlet of Minshull Vernon. It lies on the line of a Roman road. Evidence of a section of road and a bridge has been discovered. Minshull is mentioned in the Domesday Book as Manessele. It was described as Minshull Vernon in 1309.

This area was part of Norman landowner William Malbank (1125-1176). He was the son of Hugh de Malbanc who founded Combermere Abbey.

The first recorded landlord I have found to date the Coach and Horses is from 1795 - Owen Woolley.


Robert and Louisa Brown ran the pub for many years, raising 3 sons and 1 daughter here. On 11th November 1889, Robert died at just 36 years old. Louisa stayed at the pub and with the help of Robert's father, Albert, until she married Thomas Washington. After her wedding, Louisa and Thomas ran the pub and perhapes Albert still helped.


... Cold feeling in the front bedroom.
... An elderly man seen behind the bar and in the restuarant. Some say it is Albert.
... Large lady dressed in white is seen all around the building. Is this Louisa Brown (Washington).


When Phil and I first came to look around this building, we got very high EMF readings in the livingroom. It was in the early 20's but on this night, the readings were 3.8 in the same spot. Very strange.

Nicola, Phil and I arrived at 11pm. We had a walk round.

Me and Nicola went upstairs in the living room about 11.30pm. Nicola's camcorder stopped working (it had been working earlier), so she went and got another one from downstairs. As she started to record, a small light appeared travelling in a straight line across the room from the door. I saw two shadows and our walki talki stopped working for a short time. We started asking out aloud and asked if something could happen. Both the camcorder and walki talki stopped working again.

We moved into the front bedroom and everything was working fine. Nicola felt two cold spots. I only felt the first before they disappeared. We both heard a beeping sound but we couldnt tell where it was coming from.

About 1am, we went downstairs to join Phil.

Phil and Nicola returned upstairs to the living room. I sat and watched the camera's, apart from a few orbs, nothing happened.

About 1.30am, Phil and Nicola came back but I decieded to go upstairs on my own. I sat in the livingroom and I heard old fashion music. It was very weird. I opened the window but heard nothing from outside. I closed the window and I heard it again. I asked if anyone was there and if so, could they give me a sign. I heard 4 knocks.

At 2am, I asked Phil to join me, to see if he could witness any of this. Phil came upstairs and we sat in the same room. Phil didnt witness what I had but he felt as though someone had their hands around his throat as he sat in this chair. We swopped places but thankfully nothing happened to me.

We finished just after 3am.

What a strange investigation. We had equipment failure, cold spots, shadows, weird music, knocking sounds and Phil's sore throat.
Well worth a second visit.

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