How I started my paranormal journey.

I would sit up late at night watching those old black and white horror shows. Then I was brave enough to move onto colour.
I was always interested in ghost stories, old legends and stories from our past.

Then my nan told me a story that would put me on my journey into the paranormal
It was about a headless man that walked a country lane next to my nan's childhood home. In fact, she had seen him herself.
I had always remembered the story and a few years ago, I found, quite by chance, a newspaper cutting about a murder in the area my nan lived. I researched my nan's story and found out the true facts.

I realised that I enjoyed researching as much as an investigation.
With this in mind, every area I visit, I research and you will be surprised what information can be found.
So thanks to my nan, I lead an exciting life as a paranormal investigater.

I would like to point out that I do take this very seiously.
I am out to prove, one way or the other, IS THERE ANOTHER LIFE WHEN WE PASS or is it just our imagination.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010



30th August 2007

...................SPECTRE ANALYSIS

This building was built before 1756. It used to stand oppostive St Mary's Roman Catholic Church, a graveyard and also an Infant School.

The Lyceum Theatre runs along the back of the pub and the pub's cellar joins onto the theatre's cellar. This theatre was built over the chapel and school, part of the carpark and another pub covers the graveyard.

A gravestone was found in the pub's cellar, this was because before the theatre was built, this cellar was used to store gravestones and not because there was agrave here, as some believe.


--- Things move
--- A barrel rolled backwards on its own in the cellar
--- Kitchen door opens
--- One of the old landlord's pets (a dog) would watch something around the building. This dog would follow this around the building.


Kath and I arrived about 11pm and we had a walk around the pub with the landlord.

We started in the cellar.I placed a pint glass in the middle room. Just after 12am, while we were asking out in the far room, I herd what sounded like the glass moved slightly. But I couldnt tell.

As we continued to ask out, we heard faint knocking sounds.

At 12.40am, the airtank suddenly went off. According to the landlord, this could only happen if someone had been pulling a pint upstairs in the bar. Nobody was upstairs. The landlord also said that there had been quite a lot of air left in this tank but now it was empty.

We headed upstairs in the kitchen about 1am. Apart from the kitchen door opening slightly. Nothing else happened.

By 1.30am, we were in the dinning room. Kath was asking out and we heard a couple of loud bangs. Also we heard the sound of running water. While this was going on, I saw a dark figure walking past the pool table. I went for a look around this side of the building but I saw nothing. I did get the sence of movement but I couldnt see anything clearly. I rejoined the group.

Unfortually we had to finished at 2am.

What an interesting night.
Had someone pulled themselves a ghostly pint?
Who was the figure I saw behind the pool table?
Were we being watched towards the end of the night, if so by whom?
Great night. I would love to come back and stay longer.

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