How I started my paranormal journey.

I would sit up late at night watching those old black and white horror shows. Then I was brave enough to move onto colour.
I was always interested in ghost stories, old legends and stories from our past.

Then my nan told me a story that would put me on my journey into the paranormal
It was about a headless man that walked a country lane next to my nan's childhood home. In fact, she had seen him herself.
I had always remembered the story and a few years ago, I found, quite by chance, a newspaper cutting about a murder in the area my nan lived. I researched my nan's story and found out the true facts.

I realised that I enjoyed researching as much as an investigation.
With this in mind, every area I visit, I research and you will be surprised what information can be found.
So thanks to my nan, I lead an exciting life as a paranormal investigater.

I would like to point out that I do take this very seiously.
I am out to prove, one way or the other, IS THERE ANOTHER LIFE WHEN WE PASS or is it just our imagination.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010



June 2009


This is my second visit to St Chads but Steve's first visit. We stayed here just for a couple of hours in daytime. On my first visit, I caught a strange shape in one of the church's windows.

This visit was not as scary as my first visit, as it was daylight. The whole area was peaceful. We stayed in the graveyard and around the outside of the church, as we couldn't enter the building as they were locked.

This church was built in 1689 and it replaces a much older timber framed building. The new church was built in 1863 and this church and graveyard was left isolated in the fields. Perhapes because of its location, gives it the feel of eeiryness. Some people believe that graveyards do not have ghosts as it is only where the persons body is left but there are so many reports from all across the world of ghostly sightenings in graveyards. I believe that spirits do return to where their bodies are. It is the only link with their life that may be left.

As Kath, Steve and myself walked around, we were asking out and taking photo's.

We caught nothing on either our recorders or photo's


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